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Julia Volkova on “Lie Detector”

Julia appeared on “Lie Detector”, answering a variety of questions including ones about her relationship with Ivan, her future with Lena Katina, her children, and other personal details. 


Julia admitted that she continues to receive Botox injections- she says she thinks it is totally normal in the modern world, especially because she is almost 30 years old. Julia’s mom did not understand why her daughter did it if she looked fine, but then got used to it, go used to seeing things change on Julia. Her mom now also goes to the same doctor.

Julia did not say at what age she had her first relationship, but she said she was very young. It was at her family’s summer home location. Julia said she is not divulging more details not because she is afraid of upsetting her parents, but just because she does not want to dig in her past sex life. Julia never introduced her mom to this boy.

Julia said she has dated different types of men and does not care what their social status is. “I do not care if he’s a super cool oligarch businessman with a private jet- if my heart and soul are not into him I cannot wake up next to him. I cannot play the role of this bitch who just wants money”. Julia explained that when she split up with Samir’s father, who was wealthy and successful, she left everything behind, including “cars, expensive gifts, diamonds…”.

Julia has gotten proposed to, but has never married. She says she really wants to wear a white bridal dress, but it has not gotten to that point yet.

Julia’s children’s fathers did not leave her, she left them. They do not communicate with their children and Julia does not want to force it. The kids ask about their fathers and ask what they do, but it stops there. Julia says that when she sees a strong urge for her kids to communicate with their fathers, she will do something about it - she is not against it. Julia admitted that she did not care that both Pasha and Parviz left women who were pregnant to be with her. “A man who truly loves you would never leave you while you’re pregnant…this was their choice which I did not influence…I appeared, but I was take part in the lives they lived previously, I don’t know why this happened”. Pasha is in a relationship with a woman with two children. Parviz is single and is waiting for Julia to come back and always tells her about it. Julia does not know what will happen with him, “I do not look that far into the future”. Julia split up with Pasha because she spent so much time in America and had a fling there. With Parviz she felt too controlled due to his nationality and culture - “I could not live in a golden cage with fancy cars”.


Julia’s dad talked about the t.A.T.u. casting, “We went to the casting, it was almost like a basement, and I asked him, ‘What are you planning to do with them?’ and he said, ‘Well, I want to make a famous group that will be known all over the world’…two weeks passed, we got a called that Julia was chosen. We were not told anything else. Julia came one time and said that they were going to shoot music video, then she showed it to us”. Julia’s mom explained, “I signed the contract thinking it would be a children’s band, I did not know anything about the lesbian image…When I saw the video I did not like the theme and I was disappointed”.

Due to the lesbian image of t.A.T.u., Julia received calls to her house with death threats, calling her a bitch, saying they would burn her apartment down.

Julia said Lena Kiper left t.A.T.u. because of jealousy for Ivan with whom she was in a relationship with. “I was Ivan’s muse and Lena Kiper was jealous of this…it made me feel so good, I remember when i was 16, 17, 18 years old and Ivan would come back from America and I would be the first one he would call. He would bring me shirts with Mickey Mouse on them, I felt he loved me. He would call me at night and would say, ‘I’m outside, let me come up’. We would sit and talk quietly in the kitchen and my parents would ask why he would come so late. I can say that there is no one else like Ivan.”

Julia admitted that she thought Ivan’s sickness was his karma. “I thought that it is what should have happened to him…Ivan was at a peak and was being pulled in all sorts of directions.” Julia said there were drugs involved, which she partook in also, “I tried and did everything I wanted to”.

Julia said that most of the awards t.A.T.u. received they lost, more specifically, Ivan lost them. Julia admitted to considering herself more talented than Lena Katina. “It is about the improvisation, the expressiveness that lives inside of us, the maximum which a person agrees to do in their creative work. It has to do with artistic things. I thought Lena did not have enough of it. She has her own issues…Lena never hid that I was the leader and she was just a member.” Julia’s dad added, “Everyone had their place, one was more active and one more calm, it was a minus and a plus and they felt comfortable like that”.

Julia thought Lena’s video for Never Forget was strange and that it was just a PR move.

Julia admitted that after the band split that Lena and her stopped communicating, “There were many things done behind backs and we needed to separate from one another”. “[There is nothing missing for me to fix the relationship]. I don’t think [Lena] has enough courage to take a step and believe again. She is afraid to give herself to me, morally…to believe, open up, to communicate. These are her own complexes”. Julia said that she thinks Lena understands this now and that it is hard for her now. “Even though she says, ‘That’s it, no more Julia’…never say never”. Julia said she is open to communicate with Lena, but she thinks psychologically it is hard for Lena, that she did it to herself. Julia thinks Lena has psychological trauma from t.A.T.u. ending and that everyone handled it differently. “It was easy for me, I just take it and cut it out of my life, even though it may be painful for me”. Julia said she lived for herself after t.A.T.u. ended up until 2012. “I did some things up until 2012, flew to America, recorded some tracks, but it was in a more relaxed way.”


Julia said she liked to perform in front of gays more. “They have a lot of love, no one loves like them…They inspire me and open me up, I want to talk and share with them.”

Julia explained that it was hard for her to live when her voice deteriorated, it felt as if she was another person. “I couldn’t recognize my own voice, I couldn’t sing along to the radio…I am going to Korea for another oppression. I will return and I will sing. The years that passed did not allow me to do things in full force.” Julia said she would not continue her career lip synching t.A.T.u.’s old hits if she lost her voice forever.

Julia said even though she does not see her children everyday they always communicate. Julia does not regret having to sacrifice time with her kids for her career. “I am very happy that my angels appeared in my life and I will be with them forever. But my work and career are something I cannot be without and I think it is why I am on this earth.” Julia said she gets jealous when her mother spends time with Samir and Victoria. Julia wants to spend time with just her mom apart from the kids, while her mom wants them all to be together.

Julia said she would not judge her daughter if she turned out to be a lesbian. “I am not a patriot of my country…I love America a lot. I think we all have the freedom of choice…I will accept her the way she is and the important thing is that she is happy, that her eyes light up, that she is in a sphere in which is comfortable and I will be her support…I love the freedom in America…I like that even the children of millionaires work in McDonald’s…they have good values, not what parents teach in Russia, ‘You are beautiful, go to a club, there are plenty of men there who will pay for you and you can live your life’.”

Julia admitted that she would not be comfortable with Samir being gay. “I think a man should stay a man”. Julia said that even though she considers it to be freedom, for a man it would be “stupid freedom”, stating that “there are plenty of girls out there and there are no restrictions…A man has no right to be a faggot…I think two girls are looked on better than when two guys are walking, holding hands, and kissing. I am not against nontraditional orientation, my band supported this. But regarding my own children, I would like to see Samir as a man.“

When the host asked if Julia wanted to continue the interview, she declined. 

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Lena Katina’s debut album “This Is Who I Am”, which is being released November 18th, will include 13 songs in English. You can pre-order the album starting September 15th with a bonus track, “Fed Up” (IRS).

01. All Around the World
02. Who I Am
03. Walking In the Sun
04. The Beast (Inside You)
05. Something I Said
06. Lift Me Up
07. Fed Up (IRS)
08. An Invitation
09. Just a Day
10. Wish On a Star
11. Waiting
12. Never Forget
13. Lost In This Dance

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Lena’s Message To Fans About Her New Single, Album, and Website

Hi Guys!

I have never written letters to fans before, but I am so happy that finally I have the opportunity to share with you news about next single an album. The next single is called “Who I Am”, and we have already shot a video for it with the wonderful director Jason Wish. The release is very soon- October 7th! There is a little more than a month left, but I am sure that it will fulfill all of the expectations and becomes a hit very fast!!!

I am also happy to let you know that my album, finally, is finished and is coming out November 18th. The album is called “This Is Who I Am” and I am so excited that I can’t even describe my emotions. This is 5 years of me working hard. It constantly seemed that there was just a little left and everything would be ready, but you understand - everything turned out different.

I almost forgot to mention, my site, lenakatina.com, has been updated and I want you guys to test it first. Be sure to share your impressions. I truly value your feedback and read everything you write on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Don’t worry, we have a few more surprises for you! Soon! So look for updates because I really want to see you here.

Always yours,

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Lena Katina gave an interview for the DFM radio station from L.A. It was reported that Julia was suppose to take part in the interview as well, but she did not.

Lena talked about her upcoming album:

The album is being finalized- there are two songs left to finish. The album was planned to come out in September, but now will be released in October. 

The video that was shot recently is very “unusual” for Lena and she is very happy with it.

There will be three albums - English, Deluxe, and Spanish.


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Since a remix for “Love In Every Moment” debuted on the D-Chart on the DFM radio station, Julia and Lena gave a small interview for them. The interview will be broadcast this Friday at 6PM Moscow time.

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In the 6th season of “Lie Detector” viewers will spectate confessions of stars. On the eve of the 30th anniversary, Julia Volkova, ex-member the scandalous duo t.A.T.u., decided to take a polygraph test. The singer will risk to answer the most tricky questions about the scandalous duo and will look at her provocative actions for the first time from a different perspective. 

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Lena Katina’s gave a new interview before leaving for L.A.

In the show Lena discussed the details of her and Julia’s fight, her upcoming album, possible plans to move to Moscow with her husband, and some intimate details. 

-Lena realizes that it is not likely that she will reach the same level of success as she did with t.A.T.u. once again, but she is not saddened by this. She values what has happened to her. 

-Lena used to be told what to do in her music career, now she makes decisions herself, although she was hesitant about this at first. She wanted her musicians to guide her, who pushed her to write herself. She now writes her own music and even writes for others.

-Lena plans to release her album in September, “God willing everything happens in time”. The name of the album has not yet been chosen. The material was written by her and co-authors, including Swedish composers with whom she spent a week with in Sweden writing. One song written there was Never Forget. Lena has also recently teamed up with Dave Aude once again to write something new.

-Lena retold about her conflict with Julia, explaining that they were planning to go to Slovakia for a promo tour in May 2014 when Lena overheard things from Julia’s side such as, “You will do what I tell you to, I will not work with your idiots…”. Lena was surprised by this because everything was fine that morning, perhaps someone influenced Julia to say such things.

-Lena said that Julia has a bright personality and that she always needs to be the center of attention. When they were in t.A.T.u. Lena consciously took second place, otherwise they would not have lasted 10 years.

-Lena only watches t.A.T.u. videos when she comes across them on TV. When watching them she remembers how young she was at the time.

-Lena’s sex life is fine- it’s fueled by the fact that her and her husband spend a lot of time apart. She follows the Russian superstition of sitting down before leaving for a trip. She thinks there are cute children/babies and ones that are not. 

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Lena Katina’s Interview in Happy and Beautiful Magazine

Despite all of life’s shifts, the ex-member of the famous group from not-so-long ago, t.A.T.u., is sure that friendship exists. Sociable and happy by nature, Lena does not hold a grudge against anyone and can easily find a common ground with her husband. Here is an example! 



-There are articles in the press which surface: Lena Katina and Julia Volkova have quarreled into smithereens…Let’s hear it from your side: are you on good terms now?

We do not communicate. At all. Unfortunately, that’s hot it turned out…

-So, a future collaboration is out of the question?


-Was it hard for you to let go of the anger?

I forget bad things quickly and I cannot stay mad for long. What is the point?

-Lena, do you have girlfriends whom you have known since childhood?

Yes. I have three friends in Moscow. I have been friends with Nastya and Larisa since school and with Daria since 6 years old - we went to music school together. I thank God that he sent such great friends my way! For instance, Nastya and I only fought one time, back in school, and did not speak for about half a year. But it was a childhood fight, it is not worth remembering. 

-When you came to L.A. was it hard to be without friends?

The girls support me always and everywhere so distance was not a hindrance. In the era of the internet there are many ways to communicate: Skype, Viber, Instagram…We are always online. 

-Based on your observations are there any differences between women’s friendship in Russia versus America? Are there many examples of bosom buddies such as in Sex and the City?

It is hard for me to answer this question since all of my American friends are only men (smiles). But, my best friend is my husband, Sasho!


-A question which always interests the readers: how do you take care of yourself?

I don’t really have any secrets. It is important for me to get enough sleep, and eat well. I eat small portions every four hours. I try to keep my weight around 110 lbs. so sometimes I diet. To have a flawless appearance I visit spas which specialize in skin, body, and hair…And you cannot go without sports! Two times a week I swim, do yoga or pilates. In L.A. a common phenomenon is morning and night runs. This has also become a lifestyle. 

-Perhaps, besides spas, you are no stranger to home remedies for beauty?

My grandma always said to apply everything to your face that grows in the garden. So if I visit her at her summer home I make masks from cucumbers, homemade sour cream, and strawberries. My grandma grows everything and she looks excellent for her age. Here is a recipe for an effective summer mask: grinds a few fresh strawberries into a pulp, add one tablespoon of sour cream and honey. Leave the mixture on your face for a half hour. Then wash it off with warm water and rinse with cold, boiled water. This is a great mask for oily skin. 


-They said that a husband and wife are one whole. Should spouses be best friends? Or should wives share  secrets and concerns with their girlfriends and not bother their husbands with their problems?

Sasho and I are very close and everything that I share with my girlfriends he also knows. We do not keep secrets from each other. I see this as one of the requirements for a happy marriage. 

-Who is more compliant in your family?

We both are depending on the situation. We have very similar personalities and are both the same sign, Libra: I was born October 4th and he was born October 5th. 

-Do you always consult your husband if you have to make an important decision? 

I usually do, but if I am sure of something then I just tell him about my decision and he either agrees or tells my why it is wrong. Then we discuss it and weigh the positives and negatives. 

-Do you love to cook for your husband?

Yes. After getting married it became my hobby. I am the one who cooks, but if Sasho has time he is not opposed to cooking. He makes great salads. However, if we are cooking together I prefer that my husband follows my instructions closely (laughs). I can cook pasta well, potatoes, solyanka. In general we try to stick to a healthy diet and if we are cooking meat or fish then we garnish it only with vegetables. 

-What if your best personality trait?

Oh, I don’t know…Probably being able to put myself in other people’s shoes.

-What do you think is missing from your personality?


-Is there something missing for you right now to have full happiness?

A solo album and children!

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