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Lena Katina’s Interview in Happy and Beautiful Magazine

Despite all of life’s shifts, the ex-member of the famous group from not-so-long ago, t.A.T.u., is sure that friendship exists. Sociable and happy by nature, Lena does not hold a grudge against anyone and can easily find a common ground with her husband. Here is an example! 



-There are articles in the press which surface: Lena Katina and Julia Volkova have quarreled into smithereens…Let’s hear it from your side: are you on good terms now?

We do not communicate. At all. Unfortunately, that’s hot it turned out…

-So, a future collaboration is out of the question?


-Was it hard for you to let go of the anger?

I forget bad things quickly and I cannot stay mad for long. What is the point?

-Lena, do you have girlfriends whom you have known since childhood?

Yes. I have three friends in Moscow. I have been friends with Nastya and Larisa since school and with Daria since 6 years old - we went to music school together. I thank God that he sent such great friends my way! For instance, Nastya and I only fought one time, back in school, and did not speak for about half a year. But it was a childhood fight, it is not worth remembering. 

-When you came to L.A. was it hard to be without friends?

The girls support me always and everywhere so distance was not a hindrance. In the era of the internet there are many ways to communicate: Skype, Viber, Instagram…We are always online. 

-Based on your observations are there any differences between women’s friendship in Russia versus America? Are there many examples of bosom buddies such as in Sex and the City?

It is hard for me to answer this question since all of my American friends are only men (smiles). But, my best friend is my husband, Sasho!


-A question which always interests the readers: how do you take care of yourself?

I don’t really have any secrets. It is important for me to get enough sleep, and eat well. I eat small portions every four hours. I try to keep my weight around 110 lbs. so sometimes I diet. To have a flawless appearance I visit spas which specialize in skin, body, and hair…And you cannot go without sports! Two times a week I swim, do yoga or pilates. In L.A. a common phenomenon is morning and night runs. This has also become a lifestyle. 

-Perhaps, besides spas, you are no stranger to home remedies for beauty?

My grandma always said to apply everything to your face that grows in the garden. So if I visit her at her summer home I make masks from cucumbers, homemade sour cream, and strawberries. My grandma grows everything and she looks excellent for her age. Here is a recipe for an effective summer mask: grinds a few fresh strawberries into a pulp, add one tablespoon of sour cream and honey. Leave the mixture on your face for a half hour. Then wash it off with warm water and rinse with cold, boiled water. This is a great mask for oily skin. 


-They said that a husband and wife are one whole. Should spouses be best friends? Or should wives share  secrets and concerns with their girlfriends and not bother their husbands with their problems?

Sasho and I are very close and everything that I share with my girlfriends he also knows. We do not keep secrets from each other. I see this as one of the requirements for a happy marriage. 

-Who is more compliant in your family?

We both are depending on the situation. We have very similar personalities and are both the same sign, Libra: I was born October 4th and he was born October 5th. 

-Do you always consult your husband if you have to make an important decision? 

I usually do, but if I am sure of something then I just tell him about my decision and he either agrees or tells my why it is wrong. Then we discuss it and weigh the positives and negatives. 

-Do you love to cook for your husband?

Yes. After getting married it became my hobby. I am the one who cooks, but if Sasho has time he is not opposed to cooking. He makes great salads. However, if we are cooking together I prefer that my husband follows my instructions closely (laughs). I can cook pasta well, potatoes, solyanka. In general we try to stick to a healthy diet and if we are cooking meat or fish then we garnish it only with vegetables. 

-What if your best personality trait?

Oh, I don’t know…Probably being able to put myself in other people’s shoes.

-What do you think is missing from your personality?


-Is there something missing for you right now to have full happiness?

A solo album and children!

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Julia Volkova, “The less bureaucracy the better!”

t.A.T.u.’s biggest hit, Not Gonna Get Us, was performed during the Olympic opening ceremony in Sochi as well as the recent hockey world championship. Despite their unfading fame, the members of the group spend their time working on personal projects. One of them has shared details about this.


What is the secret to success?
You have to be confident in yourself, strive towards success, have will power, and the main thing- have real desires. Without this there won’t be success. Perhaps this is the secret. 

They say, “The artist must starve.” Do you agree?
I think that the artist must have inspiration, first of all. He cannot do anything without it. Whether they are hungry or full…that depends on the psyche of the person.

How and when did you earn your first money? What did you spend it on?
Like all girls I spent it on makeup and jewelry. But I cannot remember the first amount that I earned.

Have you ever had a situation in life where you had no money?
I had a situation in Tokyo. I came to a restaurant, ate, and when they brought the check my credit card did not go through for some reason. I did not have any cash on me. In the end the restaurant helped me out- they called the hotel where I was staying and added the charge to my room. They even gave me money for a taxi so I could get back (laughs). It was a very unique situation. 

What do you spend money on now?
I invest it in my creative work- song recordings, video shoots, business. Also my relatives.

Do you spend money easily?
Yes! But this does not mean that I will go to a casino and spend $30,000 in a night. Everything must be justified. What, where, and how.

Do you prefer to live each day like it is your last or to save money for something?
By nature I am a person with a personality to leave each day as if it were my last. I try to live each day to the fullest. Of course, I have savings, I have a business. 

They say it is better not to lend money to friends. How do you relate to this statement?
If the person really needs it then I don’t see a reason not to help them. That is why you have friends, to help each other in hard times.  

Do you use bank services? Which services specifically?
Transferring money, paying for things with cards. Just like everyone.

What do you think of mortgages?  For many families it is a chance to better their living circumstances. Which method do you choose?
I look at mortgages positively. Everyone has their own capabilities and if this is the only way to solve your living problems then why not? Regarding me, I try to reply on my strengths. 

Today, in order to formalize a mortgage, sometimes just two documents are enough. Which other service would you like simplified and made more accessible?
I think that things should be as simply as possible in any sphere. The less bureaucracy the better! This causes you to have more freedom and comfort, which means things develop faster. 

How much do you pay attention to financial news? Were you aware that it is now possible to pay for your phone and internet, transfer funds, open accounts and many do many other things through mobile applications. How do you view these amenities?
I always see any innovative approaches as positive since often they make things easier. 

"Money can’t buy you happiness"- do you agree with this expression?
Money should not be the goal. But without money you will not be able to build a comfortable life for yourself and your close ones. It is hard to be happy when you are hungry, barefoot, and have no roof over your head.

What do you prefer: to save money in a savings account or under your pillow?
Neither. I recommend investing it in your business. 

Tell us about your future plans and projects.
I have a lot of shoots and concerts going on now. Recently I came back from the Cannes film festival where we premiered the short film, “Close, But Far Away”. In the Spring we released the video for Love In Every Moment. I also have many plans for my shoe line. We opened a store in Blagoveshchensk recently and have plans to create a chain across Russia. At this stage things are being discussed since we are selling franchises. This is a trendy store with comfortable and quality shoes. Every girl can pick out something she likes. 

(Source: credit.krugdoveriya.mail.ru)

Lena Katina Skyped into the LЁDOKOL party during the presentation of the new song between her and Ivan called “New Love” to share her impressions on the track

"The song is soft and very beautiful…I like it a lot, I think it is very emotional and full of feelings."

Well hello, new love

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June 20-23: The Ledokol Party

Lena Katina will premiere 2 songs, including her new collaborative song with Ivan Shapovalov, one of which is called “New Love”

June 2003- 11 Years Ago t.A.T.u.’s “30 Minutes” (The English version of “Polchasa”) was released

30 Minutes was the 3rd single from t.A.T.u.’s “200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane”. The song, a soft ballad, talks about cheating during a relationship, the contemplation of knowing it is wrong but having the desire to still do it, and how quickly things can change due to your decisions. 

30 minutes of bliss, thirty lies
30 minutes,to finally decide

The video for 30 Minutes differs slightly from the one for Polchasa, showing several scenes that were not included in the Russian version. Photos from the video shoot reveal an unexplained mark on Julia’s arm which was never seen in the final video, Lena’s double who was used in the carousel scenes, an unexplained scene of Julia being shot close-up, as well as a man (most likely the male model from the video) jumping from the carousel as it explodes. 

Watch the video here: http://youtu.be/p48Azl7QUR4

As a side note: there is no clear transcript of what Julia and Lena are saying in the beginning and middle of Polchasa, however, we have posted some of the words that can be heard (click here). Julia and Lena also revealed the topics they were discussing during their dialogue in the song (click here). 

t.A.T.u.’s “All The Things She Said” was featured on BuzzFeed’s 20 Forgotten Early ’00s One-Hit Wonders:

T.A.T.U. had a huge international hit with their 2003 debut single, “All The Things She Said,” which was no doubt driven by the alleged sexual relationship between the group’s two singers. The song reached No. 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.

(Source: BuzzFeed)

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