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Check out the alternative version of “Love In Every Instance” with a surprise ending- Click here

Yulia Volkova, “Lena Katina Constantly Made Fun of My Voice”

Today, in her countryside recording studio, Yulia Volkova and the producer of t.A.T.u., Elena Kiper, presented the video for “Love In Every Instance”. As stated by the representatives of the duo, this work was one of the steps towards the reuniting of the team. Lena Katina, who has stated multiple times about ceasing any type of relationships with Yulia, did not show up for the premier. The 29-year-old singer has been living in L.A. for a while now where she is getting ready to release her solo album. The shootings of the video were done separately as according to the wishes of the red-head. During the days of shooting the girls did not cross paths once, which made implementing the idea of the video a little harder. In the video the girls were supposed to connect and portray a symbolic, friendly hug.

Lena Katina refused to film the final scene and as a result a double had to be used. Elena Kiper announced that the sensational duet from the 2000’s has no existed for a long time:

"The old illusion of two lesbians had to be destroyed a long time ago the well-forgotten, old conceptual calling for genuine love had to be talked about. These are two completely different lives, two separate solo projects and everyone has their own path and their own management".

Yulia Volkova finally admitted that in fact the legendary duet no longer exists. 

"I want to say that this is my last work with Lena Katina. There have been many attempts from my side to get her back into the project, to do a track with her, to somehow agree to something with her. This, unfortunately, did not happen, so I do not see a point and potential in future collaborations of t.A.T.u. I personally tried to write to her, call her, but she does not want to communicate. She does not answer her phone, does not answer texts, I do not know what is going on with her. Lena has a side to her, she constantly poked fun at my voice. I always tried to not pay much attention to it. I am an adequate person, life goes on, I try to have things be alright.  

(Source: heat.ru)

Video premier of “Love In Every Instance”!

Ligalize: “‘Love In Every Instance’ is not just a phrase…”
Yulia: “It’s a point, a call to search for and find your love.”
Ligalize: “It’s the mood for every story in all the films about love under the name ‘The Sight of Cupid’”
Yulia: “Search for each other and love each other. We are always close to you.”

"Love In Every Instance" is now on iTunes!


Lena’s and Yulia’s new single featuring Ligalize and Mike Tompkins, Love In Every Instance, is available on iTunes now! Click here: https://itunes.apple.com/ru/album/lubov-v-kazdom-mgnovenii-single/id853883942

and click here for the full lyrics and translation of the song: http://tatumedia.com/post/79234918910/tatu-love-in-every-instance-translation

Exactly 12 years ago (April 5th, 2002) Yulia was alone in the bathroom while Lena waited for her at a cafe.

Yulia Volkova’s Interview on Radio Mayak

  • The new single with Yulia, Lena, Ligalize, and Mike Tompkins, “Love In Every Instance”, is going to be used as a soundtrack in a movie about love. It is a series of short-films and the one that they took part in is called, “Close, But Far Away”. It will come out after the premier of the video for the song. 

  • On Monday, April 7th there will be a “press-breakfast” to present a new version of the song, which will become available on iTunes, as well as the video.

  • Yulia will have another operation on her vocal chords in May, making this her 4th operation.

(Source: vk.com)

Yulia Volkova’s Interview on Russian Radio’s “Russian Peppers”

How are you the ex-member of t.A.T.u.? Is this really so?
Well, of course, look how much time has passed. We can’t always be girls in school uniforms.

Everything that concerns you is an endless zone of mystification: the group fell apart, then got back together at the Olympics, then there are announcements and YouTube videos…it’s P.R.-like. 
Honestly, I’ll tell you that it is not P.R., it’s our real life, and I myself was surprised by Lena’s video and her behavior. Everything that happened was unexpected for me, it’s true.

So have you found another redhead or not?
We’re in the process.

Yulia and the hosts joke about web image searches that provide unexpected, sexual results. Yulia mentions that she once did an image search for herself and saw a photo that showed something she has “not even seen in porn”.

What is in your future, are you going to be just “Yulia Volkova” or are you going to start some new project?
First of all, I have started doing shoe designs for women…I got an offer from an Italian company and I am in the process of designing a second collection which will premier in the summer. Amongst this there is, of course, my solo career. I still have a few more operations left on my vocal cords. In terms of t.A.T.u., I think that this story has ended, I just don’t see a future mutual desire, which is important because the money part does not solve the question of morals. Yes, there is a to work and to enjoy it, to create things, to have a connection. If this does not exist then it is dumb to come together, smile, and work corporate events- this is not me, this is not Lena. So, I think for now we have ended things. But, what will be in the future we do not know.

Do you speak to one another?
No, we are not communicating temporarily. 

Looking at Wikipedia, you have had a marvelous yet torturous creative path. What if you created a biography that is connected to t.A.T.u. because I feel that people would be interested in knowing the details.
Actually, I started doing that about a year ago, maybe a year and a half ago. We recorded things on dictation machines, gave it to people who worked on it, but I just don’t have a lot of time to devote to it and I am not in a hurry. I have already told a greater part of it- about my life and where my path started, from my childhood, from Neposedi. There have been a lot of obstacles and I had to open these doors. I think sooner or later the book will come out, I just don’t want to state specific dates, but I am periodically working on it.

The hosts keep referring to Yulia as “the ex-t.A.T.u. member”, to which Yulia replies, “How many more times [are you going to say this!]”, stating previously that they should simply refer to her as Yulia Volkova.

Your new song, is it similar to the sound of…the group you used to be in?
Listen, I don’t have any complexes, I am fine with being an “ex-t.A.T.u.” member because, after all, the past t.A.T.u. is multifaceted. To explain what this is and how it was born: this is one of the last pieces of work from t.A.T.u. even though [in this track] we are referring to ourselves and Lena Katina and Yulia Volkova. Ee also have the rapper Ligalize, as well as Mike Tompkins, you have probably seen his work, he makes [music] with his mouth…we decided to work together and include 4 members in all of this and I think it turned out alright. And t.A.T.u., of course, is carried by love…The song was written by Swedes…the song is Swedish and the lyrics were written by Elena Kiper, she translated it into Russian.

So we can say that this is the last thing that t.A.T.u. has done, right?
Yes…[but] I do not want to put a period and renounce that this is the end. I don’t want to do that. We will see.

(Source: vk.com)

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